Our mission

Building a sustainable future for the next era

The Next 150 operates as a Carbon Removal Venture Developer and Operator.

We extend sustainable finance solutions and operational expertise to climate-forward initiatives in emerging economies.

We empower sustainability leaders across the public and private sectors to design, launch and scale environmental projects of importance to their local community.

Over the past 150 years, industrial and agricultural revolutions have disrupted the environment. Making such tremendous technological advances without valuing their true cost to the environment is not sustainable for humanity.

Recognizing these challenges, we are committed to forging a more balanced and sustainable path forward for all.

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What we do

Our objectives and aims

We empower people and organizations to achieve their sustainability objectives.

We develop and invest in projects that have decisive environmental and financial outcomes.

We leverage sustainable finance by giving local projects a global impact.

Partners and allies

Our trusted allies and how we’re shaping a more sustainable future together.

In the press

Collection of articles about our mission and projects.

“The Next 150 is developing high-quality emissions removal projects with a boots-on-the-ground approach.”

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“The [GBS] project sets a benchmark for what can be achieved through a coordinated effort between public agencies, civil societies, and the private sector in the maturing carbon removal industry.

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“The Next 150 will seek to be an engine of growth in the carbon markets […] in Latin America.”

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“The Next 150 will capitalize on the growth of green finance and carbon markets, […] ensuring that local projects make a global impact.”

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Use our operational expertise to achieve your sustainability objectives

At The Next 150, we believe in the power of local projects to create a global impact. By leveraging green finance, we can invest in and develop sustainable solutions that have positive environmental and financial outcomes.

Don't get caught up in the complexities of carbon markets. Let us use our expertise to help you navigate through the process, operationalize your project, and allow you to achieve your sustainability objectives.

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