While Article 6 of the Paris Agreement is still under discussion, the past year has demonstrated the need to develop this framework. 

2023 was a challenging year for the voluntary carbon market (VCM), but at the same time and in contrast, carbon credits from high quality projects gained interest and better positioned themselves in the market.

As proposed, there are 6 key criteria that determine whether a CDR project is high quality: 

  1. Additionality and baselines
  2. Carbon accounting and MRV
  3. Leakage
  4. Permanence and harms
  5. Benefits
  6. Environmental justice.

While Article 6 is still evolving, we can use this time to gain experience and knowledge of high quality CDR projects and feed the Article with all the information gained.

Experts Julio Freedman and Bodie Cabiyo presented this information from Carbon Direct last Thursday, and there was one sentence that stuck with me:

“If you’re going to buy, buy quality.” 

That pretty much sums it up, but I’d add that if you’re going to produce, produce with quality.