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We scale climate solutions in emerging markets to support the transition to a low-carbon economy.

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Mobilizing strategic finance is key to forging a sustainable future

The Next 150, established as a carbon removal venture developer and operator and based in Switzerland, is dedicated to making a significant impact in the realm of climate action, particularly in emerging economies.

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Our mission is twofold: to accelerate climate solutions through innovative financing and to harness the power of green technology in mitigating climate change. We focus on investments that not only contribute to environmental sustainability but also promise substantial financial returns.

Our approach is to bridge the gap between ambitious climate goals and practical, scalable solutions, bringing together the best in hardware, software, biotechnology, and innovation.

Our team, composed of seasoned finance and environmental technology experts, is committed to developing financial strategies that align with our client's goals and the larger objective of global decarbonization.

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Core Purpose

We endeavor to expedite the shift towards a sustainable economy, extending operational acumen and securing sustainable financing for groundbreaking environmental initiatives.


Our aspiration

Our aim is to offer individuals, as well as institutions in the public and private realms, a conduit for green investment in sustainable ventures possessing significant growth trajectories.


The strategy

Our approach hinges on harnessing green finance to amplify the global footprint of local, climate-forward projects.


Discover more about the minds that paved the way for our journey.


Patrick Pineda


Managing Director


Patrick Atanasije Pineda has extensive management and operational experience in the founding and early growth of companies in sustainable agribusiness, CPG food products, and logistics. He has worked with multinational companies such as Nestle, Cargill, Walmart, Fuji Oil, Virgin America, Amazon, and Google. Patrick has developed company-wide quality management systems certified under ISO 9001:2015 and HACCP certifications as well as implementing tech stacks and building teams on wide-ranging verticals and within complex supply chains.


Constantin Ekierman


Managing Director


Constantin Ekierman is an accomplished participant in the carbon market, having executed deals totaling over 350 million USD in value, with a positive track record in proprietary trading along the way. His experience encompasses all features of carbon project development and marketing such as project assessment and design, fundraising, carbon credit portfolio management, and the structuring of long-term deals.


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people who make it all happen.

Luisa Marin

Country Director

Valeria Araico

Chief of Staff & Project Manager

Yves Renfer

Business Development Director

Christian Shehadi

Marketing Director

Rafael Gamboa

Communications Director

Fernando Amaral

Legal Counsel

Benjamin Pozos

Technical Director

Esmeralda Mendez

Senior Project Manager

Sara Duarte

Research & Development Lead

Sofia Farias

Carbon Analyst

Miguel Delgado

Administrative Manager

Gabriela Tapia

Human Resources Coordinator


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